Hello & Namaste!

Welcome to my brand new website!

I've decided at last to extend my henna practice onto screens as well as skin! Since I'm now working as a full time Henna Artist in Cornwall, England - it felt like time!

I'm learning SO much about this ancient art form at the moment, and am looking forward to sharing my henna explorations and musings on here!

Today I recieved some new GORGEOUS essential oils - including Rose Geranium and Frankincense and made a fresh batch of henna up. It smells DIVINE. I cant wait to try it, I used a new recipe too! so very exited to see how it turns out!

So bare with me while I get up and running, I'll be posting my latest henna designs, as well helpful infomation about henna and my own musings and explorations with this ancient art form. Stay tuned! ॐ